Top 10 Essential Oils for Sleep & Insomnia

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Trying to catch some much needed Z’s but just can’t seem to fall asleep? You’re in luck! Many essential oils have calming, sedative properties which will help you relax and enter a deep sleep. Kiss your racing thoughts and tension goodbye once and for all.

Unless your like George Costanza, you may just need these ten essential oils to get the sleep you deserve.

1. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is said to ease tension and induce relaxation. In studies done by Britain’s University of Southampton, they found that participants who diffused lavender oil at night ranked their sleep an average of 20% better than the placebo group. Newer research done by Wesleyan University confirms these findings. When combined with roman chamomile it delivers a knock-out punch for insomnia.

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2. Valerian Essential Oil

Too bad valerian smells like stinky feet, because it really does the trick when it comes to getting a good nights rest. Valerian has been used in many different ways for centuries to reduce stress, tension and instill a sense of peace and tranquility. You’ll definitely want to mask this scent with a blend. While it is pricey, and a bit of an acquired smell, this is definitely one of the most effective essential oils for insomnia.

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3.  Neroli Essential Oil

Neroli, also known as orange blossom, is great for calming the nerves and helping you ease into a slumber. Unlike valerian this oil smells wonderful and has been used in perfumes for hundreds of years. It calms hypertension, nervous stress and helps you stay calm and relaxed.

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4. Clary Sage Essential Oil

Ever heard of comfort food? Well imagine a comfort scent-that is clary sage! It has a delightful warming and comforting smell. The nutty aroma works because it contains thujone which is known to be a muscle relaxer and anti-stress agent.

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5. Vetiver Essential Oil

Calm your nerves with the earthy smell of vetiver. Known to be grounding, this essential oil benefits and grounds your nerves through its relaxing properties. If your sleep issue is due to hormonal stress, vetiver may be your solution.

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6. Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Make sure it is Roman! There are several varieties of chamomile. This essential oil benefits a restful night and is best when combined with lavender. It has been used since ancient times in both tea and oil form to help people get adequate sleep. It is one of the most popular essential oils for sleep.

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7.  Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli is not just for hippies, I swear. And, if you are a hippy, way to let the out the secret! With its romantic and fragrant smell, patchouli essential oil really does make you feel at peace. Maybe that is where that whole “peace” thing came from! So light up…your diffuser, and put your mind at ease!

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8. Sandalwood Essential Oil

Real sandalwood is hard to come by these days, because the Indian government’s export limitations, but if you can get your hands on it, and suffer from insomnia-snatch it up! This delightful aroma really helps reduce anxiety and stress all while promoting relaxation. It has been used for over 4 millennia all over the world for its comforting, therapeutic properties and wonderful smell.

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9. Cedarwood Essential Oil

Nothing helps  you fall asleep like the chirping of crickets and the fresh smell of cedarwood while camping under the stars (or in your favorite cabin). Cedarwood essential oil has a very famous place in the history and even in the bible! Catching a whiff of this oil will obliterate nervous tension and anxiety in minutes.

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10. Marjoram Essential Oil

Not just for cooking, marjoram also helps you get shut eye. If you are in desperate need for a siesta, look no further than marjoram essential oil. It will calm and warm your soul while helping you ditch any emotional stress or trauma. It also has a slightly spicy, warm smell that the Greeks have used for millennia!

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11. (BONUS!) Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil

Everyone knows that this oil helps you relax. Plus it blends well with so many other oils. It’s also known to be a strong aphrodisiac, so be careful when using as a sleep aid if you have a significant other in the bed with you!

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Essential Oils for Sleep Instructions

Using essential oils for insomnia or even just helping you fall asleep on a restless night  is easy as pie! Here are several ways:

  • Put a few drops on your pillow
  • Waft the odor straight from the bottle
  • Mix into a warm steamy bath
  • Put in a diffuser
  • Mixed with a carrier, massage into the skin

Super Sleep Blend

  1. 3 drops lavender essential oil
  2. 2 drops roman chamomile essential oil
  3. 1 drop ylang-ylang essential oil
  4. 1 drop clary sage essential oil
  5. 1 drop marjoram essential oil

Remember to always consult your doctor before starting any essential oil treatment!

UPDATE: This post has become pretty popular, and a lot of people have been messaging me asking if there is a blend they can buy.

Healing Natural Oils makes an insomnia blend (H-Insomnia) that has some really great reviews (4.4/5 stars). It has lavender, cedar, lemon balm and a few other natural, homeopathic active ingredients.



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