Roman Chamomile Essential Oil


Roman chamomile essential oil is recommended for stress, depression, fear and anxiety and PTSD (post traumatic shock disorder). People who are lonely, angry or irritable also benefit from Roman Chamomile essential oil. It is anti-inflammatory and calms inflamed skin and eases arthritis, sprains, headaches and muscle aches. It overcomes insomnia.

Instructions for Use

Diffuse or mist to calm irritable or colicky infants, and soothe fractious children, or for headaches and migraines and nervous complaints.

Use in the bath or as a blended massage oil for allergies, anorexia or addiction, colic, insomnia, arthritis, back pain and muscle pain, post-natal depression and bowel disorders,

Roman camomile oil in a cream soothes diaper rash, burns and sunburn, while in a mouth wash it helps dental abscesses and tonsillitis.

History and Additional Information

Chamomile tea is familiar to many along with the sense of calm that it offers. This does not come from the low-growing Roman chamomile, but rather from the larger but closely related plant Matricariarecutitaor German chamomile.


  • Latin/Botanical Name: Chamaemelum nobile syn Anthemis nobilis
  • Other Names: garden camomile, low chamomile, ground apple, English chamomile, whig plant
  • Family: Asteraceae
  • Part of Plant Used: Flowers and stems (sometimes)
  • Place of Origin: Europe


  • Odor/Fragrance: sweet, herbaceous, fruity, warm, bright
  • Color: pale blue/gray
  • Aroma Strength: Medium-Strong
  • Consistency: very mobile
  • Note: middle

Blending Suggestions: bergamot, lavender, jasmine, clary sage, geranium, tea tree, grapefruit, lemon, rose, ylang-ylang.

Safety Precautions for this Essential Oil: Non-toxic, non-irritant. Mild skin irritant and allergen in some individuals. Not to be used by pregnant women as it may cause uterine contractions.

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