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Top 10 Essential Oils for Dandruff Treatment

If you can relate to the video above, this article is for you. Everyone has probably experienced the annoying flaky skin that accompanies dandruff, especially in the cold, dry winter months. Usually you’d go for Head & Shoulders, Pert-Plus, Nizoral,… read more

Top 6 Essential Oils for ADHD & ADD

Please remember to consult with a doctor before using any essential oils on children. Do you or your child suffer from ADHD or ADD? When I was younger I was diagnosed with ADHD and subsequently put on a medication called… read more

Peppermint Essential Oil

Benefits Peppermint essential oil benefits include:¬†treatment of indigestion and stomach ailments, stimulates the mind, decongests the respiratory tract, eases nausea and headaches, it enhances mental focus, treats inflammations and sinus infections, and reduces fevers and stomach pains. It has… read more