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Top 10 Essential Oils for Dandruff Treatment

If you can relate to the video above, this article is for you. Everyone has probably experienced the annoying flaky skin that accompanies dandruff, especially in the cold, dry winter months. Usually you’d go for Head & Shoulders, Pert-Plus, Nizoral,… read more

Top 6 Essential Oils for ADHD & ADD

Please remember to consult with a doctor before using any essential oils on children. Do you or your child suffer from ADHD or ADD? When I was younger I was diagnosed with ADHD and subsequently put on a medication called… read more

Top 10 Essential Oils for Sleep & Insomnia

Listen to the Podcast version of this article Trying to catch some much needed Z’s but just can’t seem to fall asleep? You’re in luck! Many essential oils have calming, sedative properties which will help you relax and enter a… read more

Essential Oil Based Bug Repellent

Why Go Natural? With Summer fast approaching, it is time to start thinking about ways to repel those pesky outdoor bugs. Mosquitoes are the worst during the summer, and the commercial bug repellent sprays contain tons of harmful chemicals, including… read more

Best Essential Oils for High Blood Pressure

Have High Blood Pressure? While the smell of some essential oils might get your heart racing, essential oils are actually very useful in the management of (especially stress-related) high blood pressure. Many high blood pressure patients have given up conventional… read more

Cannabis Flower Essential Oil

Benefits Cannabis flower essential oil, also know as hemp essential oil (not to be confused with hemp seed oil) is well-suited to chronic ailments including stress and insomnia, respiratory tract problems, including asthma, hay fever and sinusitis, hormonal imbalances in… read more

White Camphor Essential Oil

Benefits Benefits of white camphor essential oil include its ability to flight inflammation and reduce acne. It is also used to cure edema, and help with bronchial conditions. Many believe it is effective against depression and muscle aches and pains.… read more

Calamus Root Essential Oil

Benefits Primary benefits and uses of Calamus root essential oil areits laxative, diuretic, sedative, and carminative properties.Calamus has antioxidant, antimicrobial and insecticidal activities, which could possibly be used against cattle ticks. Instructions for Use Calamusoil may be used added to… read more

Cajeput Essential Oil

Benefits Primary benefits and uses of Cajeput essential oil include the treatment of colds and flu and the prevention of bronchial or sinus-related ailments. It may provide a jump start for the immune system. It is known as an analgesic… read more