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Top 10 Essential Oils for Dandruff Treatment

If you can relate to the video above, this article is for you. Everyone has probably experienced the annoying flaky skin that accompanies dandruff, especially in the cold, dry winter months. Usually you’d go for Head & Shoulders, Pert-Plus, Nizoral,… read more

Best Essential Oils for High Blood Pressure

Have High Blood Pressure? While the smell of some essential oils might get your heart racing, essential oils are actually very useful in the management of (especially stress-related) high blood pressure. Many high blood pressure patients have given up conventional… read more

Sage Essential Oil

Benefits This astrigent oil is a popular antiseptic and known for its tonic abilities. It is revered to relax spasms, suppress perspiration, suppress lactation, and improve liver function. It also improves digestion and has anti-inflammatory, and anti-depressant properties. Instructions for… read more