Cinnamon Leaf Oil for Lips (Lip Plumper)

Does cinnamon leaf oil really plump your lips?

If you want to go for that super-model (or “adult-film” actress) look, you should consider using cinnamon leaf essential oil. Many people swear by it as a cheap alternative to over-priced alternatives.  It works instantly and is one of the few only all-natural limp plumper solution. But, be warned, it is not without side effects. We will discuss the potential side effects later on.

How does it work?

Cinnamon Oil Lip Plumper Before and AfterCinnamon Leaf Lip Plumper Before and After

Cinnamon leaf (or cinnamon bark) oil essentially irritates or inflames the mucous membranes around the lips. This in conjuction with increased blood flow to the lips causes them to puff up and give the full-bodied look that so many women desire.

You wouldn’t see many men using lip plumper, but I thought I would conduct a little experiment to prove it’s validity. Here you can see the before and after pictures. The lines represent the original height and width (fullness to an extent) of the lips.

You can clearly notice the lips become fuller, a little glossier, and more vibrant. I have a smaller upper lip and the effects are more pronounced on that lip. So, after my test, I’d say that cinnamon leaf essential oil really does make your lips fuller (at least temporarily).


How to apply 

Since oil essential oils should be handled with care, cinnamon leaf essential oil is no exception. It is a mucous membrane irritant and should never be irritated. It should be used with caution and applied diluted. with a lip balm or carrier oil. One drop is plenty. If applied directly with a q-tip you will experience a strong tingling/burning sensation. It should resolve itself within an hour, and will be less severe when applied topically with a dilution.

Are there any safety concerns?

You should ALWAYS consult your physician before experimenting with essential oils. Especially if you are pregnant or nursing. In this case you should be cautious since it the essential oil is being applied topically near your mouth. Many people have used this technique to plump their lips without ill side effects, but it is suggested that you first test your skin sensitivity this essential oil on another, less sensitive part of your body such as your wrist or back of the hand.

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