Top 10 Essential Oils for Dandruff Treatment

If you can relate to the video above, this article is for you. Everyone has probably experienced the annoying flaky skin that accompanies dandruff, especially in the cold, dry winter months. Usually you’d go for Head & Shoulders, Pert-Plus, Nizoral,… read more

Top 6 Essential Oils for ADHD & ADD

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Thuja Essential Oil Wart Removal

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Essential Oil for Bruises

Why do we bruise? If you are as hard on yourself as I am, you probably look like a purple spotted dalmatian. Bruises occur when your body is hit by an object that causes surfaces capillaries to rupture and fill… read more

Neroli Essential Oil for Stretch Marks

Neroli essential oil uses have been known for centuries. Traditionally known as orange blossom essential oil, it was later named after the Italian Princess Neroli who famously wore it as a perfume in the late 17th century. It still one… read more