Black Pepper Essential Oil & Smoking: Kick the Habit, Naturally

Would you believe that aromatherapy could get you to stop smoking? Well that is what one study concludes. Various studies over the year have suggested that certain essential oils used in aromatherapy regimes can suppress cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

In a clinical trial conducted by the Nicotine Research Laboratory 48 participants were subjected to black pepper essential oil vapors following overnight smoking deprivation. The participants were divvied into three groups. One group “smoked” menthol vapors from a cigarette like device, the other “smoked” black pepper essential oil vapors and the third group inhaled from an empty cartridge.

They inhaled from these devices for three hours. After the end of the session, subjects who inhaled from the black pepper essential oil cartridge reported far less cravings and withdrawal symptoms versus the two control groups. They also reported the inhalation to be more reassuring as a cigarette alternative compared to the other two controls, leaving them less anxious and affected by the experience.

What does this mean? Well if you are trying to kick the habit with out using nicotine gum, or prescription medicines, black pepper essential oil may be the perfect and natural alternative for you. And since the medicines and gums don’t replicate the feelings of smoking that can bring so much comfort, it is harder to ween yourself off cigarettes using these methods, and gives this essential oil the clear advantage.

While I wouldn’t condone directly inhaling any essential oil vapors, aromatherapy offers a generally safe alternative.

So if you are trying to kick the habit, give it a try. Simply add a few drops of black pepper essential oil to your diffuser and let me know how it works!

Update: I’ve had some requests for people looking for similar aromatherapy inhalation devices. You can buy a four pack on amazon for $7.50. Not too bad.

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