Neroli Essential Oil for Stretch Marks

Neroli essential oil uses have been known for centuries. Traditionally known as orange blossom essential oil, it was later named after the Italian Princess Neroli who famously wore it as a perfume in the late 17th century. It still one of the most popular perfume ingredients to this very day. But, it does more than just smell nice-it also helps heal scar tissue, stretch marks and damaged capillaries.

How it heals stretch marks

Neroli essential oil is a very powerful, natural cell regeneration agent. It works by speeding up the healing process to damaged tissue to create new, healthy skin cells. Neroli essential during pregnancy is quite common for this exact reason. Pregnant women use the oil to help with stretch marks and also cure nausea.

How to use it

The best way for treating stretch marks with neroli essential oil is by applying it to the stretch mark.

Neroli essential oil has a PH level of 4.0 which is just slightly more acidic than the skins natural PH. While this makes it a great anti-microbial skin cleaner, you should probably avoid applying pure neroli oil directly to the skin. But, this shouldn’t be a problem since most store bought neroli oil is diluted as it is very expensive in its pure state.

Depending on the concentration of your oil, you should mix with a carrier such as jojoba oil and also add liquid lanolin to further increase the cell regeneration. Use the following recipe and massage into the problem areas twice a day.

Essential Oil Benefits Stretch Mark Recipe

If you are feeling lazy, or just don’t want to buy all the ingredients you should try this premade essential oil based stretch mark spray on oil: Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Stretch Oil, 4-Ounce Bottle it has pretty good reviews with 179 ratings, many women in the reviews swear it works wonders!

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