Ylang Ylang: The Essential Oil For Hair Growth

About Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang, most famously smelled in Chanel No. 5, has long been used for centuries as a hair conditioner by many different cultures such as the Bora Bora tribe and others. This highly effective and prized oil, extracted from the flowers of the Ylang Ylang tree, has been used to ease anxiety and reduce stress and is even used as a potent aphrodisiac. The oil is known to increase sebum production in skin and act as a balancer by moistening dry skin and correcting oily skin. One of its main and most noted uses however is in promoting healthy hair growth and prevent baldness.

Why Island Nations use Ylang-Ylang

The oil is a natural conditioner and is commonly used in many island nations to protect hair from damage inflicted by the harsh ocean. By mixing just a couple drops into your shampoo or conditioner and massaging deeply into your scalp, Ylang Ylang oil will stimulate the follicles and even help treat split ends. Your hair will be naturally smooth and silky and the oil will increase the width of the hair follicles giving you a head full of thick healthy hair. The oil will also actively penetrate deep into your hair follicles to provide moisture leaving your hair soft as ever!

Ways You Can Use this Oil for Hair Growth

This natural oil can even be mixed with and blended with other essential oils such as rosemary and lavender to add to its already impressive array of uses. In addition to adding to your shampoo you can also add a few drops to your hairbrush and comb it into the hair and scalp. Try mixing with coconut oil for a natural and great smelling scalp treatment.

Ylang-Ylang Precautions

As with any product, it is important to always test a small amount on yourself before regular use to make sure you don’t have any kinds of allergies. Some essential oils can cause skin irritation, so if you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies, it is vital to test a drop on a safe area before exposing yourself to stronger doses.

Best Place to Buy

I buy my ylang ylang oil from Mountain Rose Herbs as they have the highest quality essential oils on the internet. But, look up the reviews yourself as it is always smart to do your research before purchasing any essential oil for hair growth.

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