Can Fenugreek Essential Oil Cure Diabetes?

Fenugreek has been used for ages as a food flavoring agent, digestive tonic, anti-inflammatory and more recently as a way to naturally increase breast size in women by acting to stimulate hormone production.  But, researchers think they may have found one extra benefits to fenugreek essential oil that is especially helpful considering the state of our nation’s health.

Researchers in Tunisia have discovered that this essential oil may act to block the digestion of certain starches by inhibiting the primary key enzymes (plasma angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) and pancreas α-amylase and maltase ) which promote their absorption. The terpenenes from fenugreek blocked up to 52% of α-amylase production and up to 37% reduction in maltase in lab rats. Similar results were seen in ACE reduction in the organs that affect diabetes.

As an added benefits, the researchers also found the essential oil had a positive effect on blood glucose, and triglycerides in the plasma and liver of the rats. It was also found it increased a healthy HDL/LDL cholestrol balance (good vs. bad cholesterol).

Does this mean taking fenugreek essential oil will get rid of diabetes? Probably not, but when combined with insulin, exercise and proper diet, many researchers claim you can get rid of diabetes once and for all.

Have you tried fenugreek oil for your diabetes? Let us know your results by commenting below!

The full findings can be read here:


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