Coffee Essential Oil


Coffee essential oil is considered to be an excellent antioxidant. It is also used to fight depression, respiratory issues, stings, fever and can be beneficial against general nausea.

Instructions for Use

Used as a food additive and flavoring and combined with various beverages. The oil can also be infused, inhaled or even rubbed on the body. It can be added to syrups or other medicinal supplements.

History and Additional Information

Coffee (as a plant) originated from the province of Kaffa in Ethiopia. It was prevalent in ancient African countries but was later imported into other countries of the world, especially in America and Europe. The coffee trade dates back to 1623 with Venetian traders. Today, it is the mainstream of many economies, and is mostly used for chocolate and beverages due to its botanical and herbal contents. It is also widely prized for it’s stimulating effect because it’s high natural concentration of caffeine.


  • Latin/Botanical Name: Coffea arabica
  • Other Names: Cafe, Café, Café Arabica, Café Robusta, Coffea bukobensis, Caffea, Coffea arabica, Coffea arnoldiana
  • Family: Rubiaceae
  • Part of Plant Used: Seeds
  • Place of Origin:  Ethiopia


  • Odor/Fragrance: Just like a fresh brewed pot of coffee, it is both warming and invigorating
  • Color: Dark brown
  • Aroma Strength: Medium
  • Consistency: Medium-Thick
  • Note: Middle

Blending Suggestions:  Most oil, ylang-ylang, patchouli, petit grain, sandalwood and rose

Safety Precautions for this Essential Oil: Never you take this or any other essential oils undiluted, and never rub undiluted or without testing its sensitivity. Additionally, you should not use coffee oil if you are pregnant, or suffering from any disease that has anything to do with liver and/or kidney. If you have cancer or epilepsy, you should also avoid this oil. It has been known to cause heart palpitations in some individuals.

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