Celery Seed Essential Oil


Celery seed works against such tumors as polyacetylenes and phthalates. It helps normalize blood pressure, and is also very good for the liver. It protects the liver from acetaminophen induced damage. It reduces the cholesterol level which cures problems with circulatory systems, serves as a stimulant to the uterus and reduces muscle spasms and symptoms of menstrual discomfort including menstrual pains and cramps.

Instructions for Use

Added to baths, inhaled, diffused and sometimes used as indirect food/supplement additive .

History and Additional Information

Celery has been used in India for thousands of years as part of the Indian Ayurvedic medicine to treat cold, flu and other ailments. In the western world, it is mostly used as a diuretic.


  • Latin/botanical name: Apium graviolens
  • Other names: Small age, Marsh Water Parsley, Wild Celery, Garden Celery, Marsh Parsley
  • Family: parsley
  • Part of plant used: seeds
  • Place of origin: Mediterranean


  • Odor/fragrance: strong, pleasant smell, fresh, spicy and warm scent, bitter and sometimes sour in taste.
  • Color: tan to dark brown
  • Aroma strength: medium
  • Consistency: Thin
  • Note: middle

Blending Suggestions: Celery seed can potentially blend with clove bud, cinnamon bark, tea tree, lovage, pine and lavender.

Safety Precautions for this Essential Oil: Don’t use Diuretics (water pills) while using celery. Celery contains chemicals that thins human blood and therefore should not be used with blood thinning medications. Don’t allow the oil to touch mucous membranes or eyes.Do not give to children and babies. People who have active kidney inflammation and those allergic to birch should avoid the use of celery seed oil.

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