Agar Oil


Improves symptoms of depression. Helps induce relaxation. Improves lung/respiratory conditions.

Instructions for Use

Can be used as a perfume, applied topically, warm compress, bath, inhaled or diffused.

History and Additional Information

Agar oil is by far one of the most precious and expensive essential oils. Since each tree can take over 300 years to produce resin, it makes agarwood oil very rare. But, a little can go a long way. The scent of a single drop will last for hours.

Known for its animalic undertones, agarwood has been know for centuries as an aphrodisiac. Oddly enough, it has been used as incense in prayer rituals and has strong biblical ties to Adam and Eve. He apparently covered his genitals with leaves from the agarwood tree!


  • Latin/Botanical Name: Aquilaria agallocha
  • Other Names: Oud, Oohd, Ouhd, Aloeswood, Agarwood
  • Family: Thymelaeaceae
  • Part of Plant Used: Wood
  • Place of Origin: Assam, India


  • Odor/Frangrance: Woody, nutty, deep, honey, earthy, mossy, balsalmic, bitter-sweet
  • Color: Amber
  • Aroma Strength: Strong
  • Consistency: Mobile
  • Note: Base

Blending Suggestions: Rose absolute, rose otto, frankincense, sandalwood, myrrh, saffron, geranium, and neroli.

Safety Precautions for this Essential Oil: Agarwood oil is not to be ingested. It is non-toxic, non-sensitizing and non-irritant.

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